Canadian Innovation Minister asked to remove turban at Detroit airport

Federal minister shares story of security hassles at US airport due to his turban

Federal minister shares story of security hassles at US airport due to his turban

Bains was finally able to board the flight to Toronto without removing his turban by "reluctantly" showing his diplomatic passport. Though "very frustrated and disappointed", Bains says he's accepted verbal apologies offered by the Homeland Security and Transportation undersecretaries, per the CBC.

"Ultimately I was allowed to fly, but it was because of who I was and that should not be the case", he said.

The politician said he chose to talk of the matter publicly because "discrimination happens with many people, and I'm in a very fortunate position to talk about it".

In the Sikh religion men are required to wear the turban. In the interview with La Presse, Bains explained that he intentionally hides that he is a government official when traveling because he wants to "understand better what ordinary people" experience. Staff conducted all the necessary procedures, but then looked at the turban of the statesman and started to pick.

It happened as Navdeep Bains was trying to fly back to Toronto, following economic meetings in the United States in April, 2017. He said he had no issues with that.

Bains did not agree to remove his turban when they first asked.

"I was speechless. I was at the point of boarding and they asked me to take off my turban". It's the same thing. "It's a piece of linen". However, after he was allowed through, the security guard caught up with him and asked him to come back for more screening. Then he was asked to remove the turban.

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Bains said he tried to stay calm and asked the agent if there was another option. He told the security personnel that he had cleared the security checks and the turban was not a threat. But upon learning of my diplomatic status, they told me that everything is fine.

He said he was astonished by the agents' response to the incident.

He said USA officials expressed regret and apologized and he's accepted the apology.

Humiliation faced by the Sikhs once again comes in news with high authority victim this time, nine other than Sikh Canadian Federal Minister Navdeep Singh Bains. The officer has been given additional training.

"We regret the screening experience did not meet the expectations of Mr. Bains", TSA spokesman Michael McCarthy said in a statement to CNN.

He said with the challenges with the swab machine, Bains was called back from the gate was brought to the security.

"When possible, passengers may remove non-formfitting headwear before proceeding through the security checkpoint. This policy covers all headwear and is not directed at any one particular item or group", he added. The agency says on its website that passengers "wearing head coverings, loose fitting or bulky garments" may undergo additional measures, such as a pat-down by an agent of the same gender.

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