Trump's Latest Cabinet Tirade Lasted 30 Minutes

Border Mexican Flag

Border Mexican Flag

Two people told the Times that Nielsen, the Cabinet head who oversees agencies responsible for immigration enforcement and border security, drafted a resignation letter.

Mark Krikorian, the executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, another hard-line group, said Ms. Nielsen's approach to border security is less like Mr. Trump's campaign messaging and more like the moderate approach taken by Mr.

Nielsen, the report said, viewed Trump's "rant as directed mostly at her and told associates after the meeting that she should not continue in the job if the president did not view her as effective".

The New York Times first reported on the blowup, saying Trump berated Nielsen to the point she told colleagues she was close to resigning after the incident.

"How is this still happening?" he said, questioned her intensely about the rise in border crossings.

A Department of Homeland Security spokesman poured cold water on a report claiming its chief nearly resigned after an angry outburst by President Trump.

But DHS spokesman Tyler Q. Houlton called the claims "false".

More than 10,000 of those 30,000 total cases of credible fear occurred when foreign nationals arrived at the ports of entry at the southern border, while more than 20,000 of the cases occurred when foreign nationals sought asylum by crossing the border illegally.

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When White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked about the meeting, she responded simply, "the president is committed to fixing our broken immigration system and our porous borders". Nielsen issued a statement Thursday night, but it does not directly address the report or that she came close to resigning. "I share his frustration", Nielsen said.

"The President is rightly frustrated that existing loopholes and the lack of Congressional action have prevented this administration from fully securing the border and protecting the American people", Nielsen's statement said.

Kelly's concerns about "integration", critics say, give away the game of Trump's broader anti-immigrant vision.

President Trump and Nielsen have "clashed for weeks about his belief that more should be done to secure the border".

"You can't allow people to pour into our country like they're doing", Trump said.

What Trump didn't note when conveying those orders, however, is that the US has a domestic and worldwide legal obligation to process any immigrant who comes to its borders seeking asylum.

The president was also said to have been triggered after discussing Mexico, which he believed was not sufficiently curbing undocumented immigrants crossing into the border.

Trump won the 2016 election largely on his promise to crack down on illegal immigration and build a wall that would totally shut down the flow of immigrants.

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