65000 texts later, woman accused of stalking

Jacqueline Ades is accused of stalking a man and sending him threatening messages

Jacqueline Ades is accused of stalking a man and sending him threatening messages

She resumed her stalking upon getting out of jail, sending threatening texts to the man "indicating that harm may come", according to police. "One such incident in April ended with police "...[finding] Ades in the residence taking a bath" while her crush (for lack of a better term) was out of the country.

The woman is also accused of admitting that she threatened him because she didn't want him to leave and because she loved him, court paperwork said. Because everybody just wants to take.

In her jailhouse interview, Ades explained she's sent tens of thousands of texts because: 'If you just give, and you don't stop giving, even if you don't receive, you all of a suddenly receive a lot'. And maybe Red Dead Redemption isn't all that into certain things, so maybe I should try playing Dragon Quest instead of sending Red Dead Redemption 65,000 text messages.

"I hope you die... you rotten filthy Jew".

She was arrested Tuesday after police say she tried to break into the man's home. "I'll kill you. I don't wanna be a murderer".

She veered from topic to topic, rambling about Einstein, the Dead Sea, the birth chart of Jesus and the symbolism of the markings on a dollar bill. As SFGate.com reported, the woman told the man she wanted to wear a body part and bathe in his blood, then literally bathed in his home. "You have negative energy". We suppose it's pretty easy to spy on your unrequited love after you pack up and move from your home in Miami to Arizona out of pure spite. "He's the light, I'm the love".

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The victim said Ades, who described herself on social media as a makeup artist, inundated his phone with text messages, sometimes sending as many as 500 a day, reported ABC15.

Authorities say what actually happened is much more disturbing.

When pressed about the charges, Ades mostly demurred, whispering, "I don't want to talk about that", and changing the subject to something more arcane like the symbolism of the artwork contained on the dollar bill. But in the next breath, she said, "He's my soulmate".

One of the messages said she would murder him if he ever tried to leave her. "Everybody has to love each other".

Ades was arrested and charged with trespassing, but was released.

Owing to the risk of her returning to Florida, Ades is being held without bail.

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