Lewis Hamilton snatches Spanish GP pole, Daniel Ricciardo qualifies sixth

Lewis Hamilton snatches Spanish GP pole, Daniel Ricciardo qualifies sixth

Lewis Hamilton snatches Spanish GP pole, Daniel Ricciardo qualifies sixth

Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton celebrates after taking pole on Saturday.

Valtteri Bottas is already turning his attention to the points deficit between himself and team-mate Lewis Hamilton, with the Finn hoping to close the gap in Sunday's Spanish Grand Prix.

The current cars are the fastest they have been in a number of years and the drivers have raved about how enjoyable they are to drive especially in fast corners. 2017 onwards, the cars have become much faster and much wider, but this had made the cars hard to overtake on the circuit.

Lewis Hamilton says he's had a tough season but that he's enjoying the challenge Ferrari are setting him this year.

Vettel agrees with his former boss, insisting that slowing down the cars for 2019 is a move in the wrong direction for the sport.

Ferrari rival Sebastian Vettel, who will start the race from third place on the grid, had previously claimed three consecutive pole positions after Hamilton out-paced the field for the season opener in Australia.

Hamilton and Vettel were unhappy with the proposed changes and suggested the drivers should be consulted to find out what changes can aid overtaking.

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"It has been a constant learning process with the tyres, getting them working in a very narrow window, but we had them working". At the start of Q3 I did a pretty good time on the supersoft, but for me I didn't think we could go quicker on that tyre, so I wanted to try the soft again. "We all say we want to have a better sport, to have a better show, so let's do something".

"Normally we make up six places every race, so starting eighth, if we keep up that tendency", he said. It's shifting a little bit too much, we set the auto up for this, then the tyres move that way or the track moves that way.

The 2018 season has seen some spectacular racing with three teams battling at the top and the changes proposed have not gone down well with nearly the entire grid.

This season has widely been acclaimed as one of the most intriguing, and unpredictable in recent times, with three different winners from the opening four rubbers. Ferrari on the second row and Red Bull settle for the third row. "As I said, it's the same for all of us". "Going from the Strategy Group where no one supported it to a week later a couple of big teams supporting it, it was awesome". Unfortunately, very often there is a meeting and they don't come to it.

"The problem is that it's very immature research, it's focused on 2021, and so there's no guarantees that it's going to have the desired impact that's required".

"It was a great close qualifying, obviously all weekend was close", Hamilton added.

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