Hawaii's Kilauea volcano spews huge cloud of ash

Hawaii's Kilauea volcano spews huge cloud of ash

Hawaii's Kilauea volcano spews huge cloud of ash

The legislation, which still must pass the House and be signed by President Donald Trump, directs the U.S. Geological Survey to create a new federal "volcano watch office" that would monitor active volcanoes in the U.S. and its territories on a 24/7 basis.

Michelle Coombes said the eruption had temporarily relieved some pressure in the volcano but there may be more, larger powerful events.

Warnings that Hawaii's Kilauea volcano could shoot boulders and ash out of its summit crater are prompting people to rethink their plans to visit the Big Island.

"The wind may carry the ash plume north toward Kau, Volcano, Mt. View, Kea'au and as far as Hilo".

Residents who live in a nearby town are reporting light amounts of ash after a summit eruption of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano.

The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) announces a new fissure 21 opened on Thursday, May 17, 2018, downrift of Makamae Street in Leilani Estates.

There are fears that a major eruption at Mount Kilauea is imminent. He's making sure the hundreds of evacuees that are using the shelter have food and a place to sleep, as well as any comfort they need during the stressful time.

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But Kilauea could release hotter, faster-moving and more voluminous lava because magma has moving into the area from further up the volcano, she said.

Geologists said the 4:15am explosion was likely to be the first in a series of steam-driven explosions last seen in 1924, rather than "the big one" that nervous residents had been fearing.

The volcano has destroyed 37 homes and other structures in a small south-east area of the island and forced around 2,000 people to evacuate their homes. Masks for family members are advised as well, but residents near fissures should remember that cloth masks, like those now being distributed for free at certain community centers in the area, will not protect them from unsafe gases and vapors. Several schools closed because of the risk of elevated levels of sulfur dioxide, a volcanic gas.

"I got the call to come out Monday morning", said Dennis Hoyt, who lives in Walsenbur. This type of eruption has the potential to carpet the Big Island in much thicker ash than current dustings.

This eruption is generating an ash plume as high as 25,000 feet.

It maintained an aviation ban with a code red. New radar measurements estimate the volcanic ash plume to reach 30,000 feet. He's concerned ash could drift from the Big Island and affect his asthmatic relatives, including his father, or that earthquakes from the volcanic activity could trigger a tsunami.

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