Nikki Haley defends Israel after Gaza violence, walks out of meeting

Nikki Haley defends Israel after Gaza violence, walks out of meeting

Nikki Haley defends Israel after Gaza violence, walks out of meeting

Representatives from Cameroon, Congo, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, South Sudan, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Angola, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo attended the event hosted by the Israeli government, and which marked America's official recognition of Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel. Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales opened the embassy just two days after the USA inaugurated its new site in the disputed city.

On Wednesday, Tayyip Erdogan likewise said that the United Nations failed to stop the Gaza killings.

The US and Guatemalan moves break with decades of global consensus. Some burned tires, hurled rocks and Molotov cocktails, floated incendiary kites, and attempted to destroy border fencing.

Pushing back against foreign censure of its army's actions, Israel has - with Washington's backing - accused Hamas of using civilians as cover for attacks across the frontier fence and to distract from Gaza's internal problems.

Saying that Hamas had incited people to lob flaming objects toward the Israeli side of the border fence and urged protest marchers to breach it, Haley asked: "Who among us would accept this type of activity on your border?" Palestinian officials say the vast majority of the casualties have been unarmed protesters.

A recent report in the WND-affiliated Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin said "one day" Edrogan "is going to declare himself the global Caliph, having set up alliances with most Middle Eastern Muslims - Sunni and Shia alike".

In a Friday sermon two weeks ago, Mahmoud Habbash, a senior adviser to PA President Mahmoud Abbas, lambasted Hamas for sending children to the Gaza border to violently confront Israeli soldiers. No Hamas leaders were immune from Israeli targeting, he said, if they continue to dispatch "terrorists to kill us".

The trucks entered Tuesday, as medical facilities in Gaza were struggling to treat hundreds of people wounded by Israeli fire the day before.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov attends a meeting with his Dutch counterpart in Moscow
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov attends a meeting with his Dutch counterpart in Moscow

"We will not sit with them", Erekat said.

There has been little Israeli domestic dissent at the lethal tactics around Gaza, where in the past decade Israel has fought three wars against Hamas. It also triggered a diplomatic backlash against Israel.

The U.N. Security Council held a special session that began with a moment of silence for the Palestinians who were killed.

Israel has faced global criticism over its use of live fire but insists its actions are necessary to defend the border and stop mass infiltrations from the Palestinian enclave, which is run by the Islamist movement Hamas.

Turkey expelled Israel's ambassador and consul general and several European countries summoned the Israeli ambassadors to their foreign ministries for questioning and called for an global investigation.

At the same time, Israel has found other nations following the US lead and rallying to its defense.

Former Guatemalan foreign minister Gabriel Orellana has said Morales's embassy move has the effect of banishing his country "to the fringes of the UN". The eastern half of the city has always been envisioned as the capital of a Palestinian state, if and when a two-state solution is negotiated between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

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