RED announces AT&T, Verizon (US) & Telcel (Mexico) as Hydrogen One Carrier Partners

RED announces AT&T, Verizon (US) & Telcel (Mexico) as Hydrogen One Carrier Partners

RED announces AT&T, Verizon (US) & Telcel (Mexico) as Hydrogen One Carrier Partners

Verizon a US-based carrier has announced the first holographic phone in the world on Thursday. AT&T has announced that it will be selling the phone to customers starting this summer. Verizon more vaguely said it will be arriving "later this year". RED is a company known for their high-end camera equipment which is used by Hollywood studios to film their movies.

AT&T is inviting the public to their own demo of the phone on June 2 and 3, at AT&T Shape at Warner Bros. The phone lets you enjoy 3D-like graphics sans the glasses.

Unique to the Red Hydrogen One is its 5.7-inch holographic display, which will allow users to view images and capture video with new capabilities, making it a tool for video content creators, business social media personnel, enterprise marketing professionals and other business content creation workers who want to promote their brands in new ways. It's a gimmick we've been fed before and one that never failed to gain much traction but perhaps this time around, things could be different? You'll be able to interact with those images using a set of gestures. However, the question still remains of whether or not consumers are ready to throw down $1200 for a phone made by a company they may or may not have heard of before.

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The hydrogen phone has created quite a stir since it was first revealed previous year. Again no details have been supplied, but given RED's pedigree you can imagine modules could add new camera tech in some fashion.

Details of the Hydrogen One first surfaced last July. RED is no longer taking pre-orders, which had been priced at $1295 for an aluminum version and $1595 for a titanium model. But at this pre-release stage, and not having seen the phone, you can color me a skeptic.

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