Russia Says Syria Rejects New Constitution Diluting Assad Powers

Any Israeli attack on Syria an act

Any Israeli attack on Syria an act

Syria's state media denied a deal was reached to evacuate fighters.

Syrian state TV broadcast footage of tanks rolling through a shattered neighborhood once held by rebels, as government troops waved the national flag.

Mayhoub says "Damascus and its surroundings are completely secure".

Assad was on a surprise visit to Russian Federation.

Assad's refusal to accept any weakening of his power shows he "does not want a political solution", said Yahya al-Aridi, a spokesman for the main Syrian opposition group.

Israeli relations with Iran are strained over Tehran's curtailed, yet still existing nuclear program, hostile rhetoric and support for Syria in its fight against terrorist groups. The government troops on April 19 began its military operation to take back the district, along with the adjacent Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp which were occupied by extremists, using airstrikes and intensive cannon and rocket strikes.

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Iran will stay in Syria as long as it is needed, the Islamic Republic's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi said.

Incorrect. the reference by both Putin & Assad, relates to both Turkish & U.S forces and not Iran, which has a defence agreement with's current presence is not part of any such deals to be made.

The exchange of fire was the most direct confrontation between the two Middle East rivals after years of standoff in Syria and came just one day after Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the Iran nuclear agreement and reimposed sanctions on Iran.

Russian President Vladimir Putin told Assad during a meeting last week that a political settlement in Syria should encourage foreign countries to withdraw their troops from Syria.

'Those who entered Syria without the permission of the Syrian government are the ones that must leave the country'.

For this reason most media outlets commenting on Putin's reference to "foreign forces" interpret this as a jab at key Syrian ally Iran; however, a number of Middle East based journalists and analysts point to U.S. occupying forces in Syria's northeast, as well as Turkey's military and armed proxy groups in the formerly Syrian Kurdish Afrin canton near Aleppo, and the tens of thousands for foreign jihadists that continue to fight in Syria - many of them state sponsored by Saudi Arabia and other external actors.

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