Brandon Marshall says President Trump's anthem comments were 'disgusting'

Kerr is known to speak out on social and political issues

Kerr is known to speak out on social and political issues

The new anthem policy was so slapdash, so tone deaf, it makes me wonder if the good old boys in the NFL's ownership club were in a hurry to get back to sipping their single-malt scotch and counting stacks of cash.

"You have to stand, proudly, for the national anthem". "It's disgusting because of our first amendment rights".

"It is what it is". It's not very patriotic. "It's not what this country was founded upon".

Linebacker Brandon Marshall made headlines for his participation in anthem protests during the 2016 season, but opted against kneeling last season.

In an attempt to quell a potential challenge from the NFL Players Association, the league said any violations of the new rules would result in fines against teams - not individual players. "People in high places are trying to divide us, divide loyalties, make this about the flag as if the flag is something other than it really is - which is a representation of what we're about, which is diversity, peaceful protests, right to free speech". Freedom to protest? So because somebody decides to protest something, now we have to be kicked out of the country. "That's not how things should work". "Everybody is not going to have the same opinion on things", Marshall said.

Though even at the height of the phenomenon just a small percentage of the players knelt, the spectacle of millionaire athletes disrespecting the country that made them rich proved so offputting to fans that television ratings tanked. "That's absurd, in my opinion".

All the co-hosts but McCain were furious about the new policy, linking it to something that might only happen in a dictatorship and taking away players' freedom.

"No policy is going to fix our problems that we have in America right now", he said. "At the same time, we are working on a lot of social justice in our community".

Seahawks' quarterback Russell Wilson also responded to the controversy, but avoided criticizing the president.

"Pretty much", Wilson said. "I don't think that is a sign of disrespect". It seems that way. "It's not gonna fix all the shootings that are happening right now". Still, other National Football League players on Twitter shared their discontent with the policy.

In a statement tweeted by Anthony Slater, a reporter for The Athletic, Kerr said the league's decision was simply meant to appease fans, "scaring people" with nationalism.

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"I hate that we have to go down this route, but it is what it is". The dubious solution devised by National Football League owners does nothing but make their self-inflicted wounds worse. "That's humiliating us as a person, because we're trying to stand for something, to single us out in front of everybody".

Christopher Johnson, chief executive of the New York Jets, has already said the team would not pass along any fines to its players because "I never want to put restrictions on the speech of our players". Of course. But I understand if they felt the need to protest. I don't want to come down on them like a ton of bricks, and I won't. The move was seen by by some as giving in to the owners as Jenkins and others agreed to end their protests.

"I'm really not too anxious about it".

"These are vicious killers and they shouldn't be allowed into the country".

But teammate Demario Davis had mixed emotions about the policy.

The NFL had previously suggested that players should stand, but it stopped short of enforcing fines.

"I disagree with everyone on this table", she said.

"History has taught us that both patriotism and protest are like water; if the force is strong enough it can not be suppressed", Smith wrote on Twitter.

"The people who are speaking up for the people who are hurting have a deep love and devotion for our country".

Once the NFL gets everything in order, it will be time to look elsewhere for those who fail to respect the playing of the national anthem before the start of a sporting event. "But it's important for people to understand that".

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