Paul raccoon reaches roof after scaling downtown tower

Racoon's set free after her climb up 25-storey building has netizens on tenterhooks

Racoon's set free after her climb up 25-storey building has netizens on tenterhooks

By Tuesday night, the raccoon was still making its way up the building, where St. Paul Animal Control had placed cat food and a trap in hopes of enticing the animal to safety.

And raccoons may be nuisances but, gosh, they're cute. Wildlife Management was planning to release it into the suburbs, the company added.

The furry hero began it's journey on Monday, when it became stuck on the 2nd floor ledge of another building.

"Even wild animals know @cityofsaintpaul is a great place to reach for higher heights".

"This morning we were talking about this".

The raccoon started to climb the 20-plus story UBS Tower in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota, on Tuesday, pulling a regular Tom Cruise with almost vertical climbing abilities.

A daredevil raccoon has been safely rescued after leaving the internet on tenterhooks by scaling a 23-floor building in St Paul, Minnesota.

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Instead, it hopped over to the UBS building next door, and began climbing.

A raccoon stretches itself on the 23rd floor of a tower in Minnesota, US. Above it, rather than the slightly-curved spaces it had previously climbed, rose an expanse of flat stone.

In the meantime, officials with the city's animal services department decided that a live trap on the roof, baited with food, would be best. Anything more might further spook the beast. But overnight, the nocturnal mammal thwarted that plan by beginning to descend.

"I would be legitimately devastated if it fell", a woman told Minnesota Public Radio as she watched the raccoon's climb.

"To think that one of these little animals would top the trending on twitter is a complete surprise to me", MPR's Tim Nelson told the BBC.

The account also tweeted: "Oh great ..."

By about 10:30 p.m., the raccoon had decided on a change of scenery.

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