U.S., Mexico, & Canada to Host 2026 World Cup

Ronaldo has won the World Cup twice with Brazil

Ronaldo has won the World Cup twice with Brazil

American soccer officials downplayed the influence of politics on the bid. The bid group has been working under the premise of three cities in each of Canada and Mexico and 10 in the United States.

Italy failed to qualify for the first time since 1958, being the only one of eight teams to have won the competition who won't compete in Russian Federation.

This will be the United States' first time hosting World Cup matches since 1994.

The vote on the 2026 tournament followed a late round of lobbying around the delegates' Moscow hotels to try to woo last-minute undecided backers.

The 2026 World Cup will also be the first hosted jointly by three countries. The 2026 tournament will return to the North American region 32 years after that US-hosted edition. If it's selected, Kansas City would host quarter-final games and possibly the third-place game.

On paper, the two bids are worlds apart.

Federation Internationale de Football Association inspectors classified the north African nation's stadiums, accommodation and transport as "high risk", awarding it just 2.7 out of five in an evaluation report, with concerns raised over several critical aspects.

The so-called United bid gets 17 low-risk assessments and three medium (organizing cost, legal-government support, and human rights and labour standards).

Morocco plans to use 14 stadiums, nine of which have yet to be built with the other five due for renovation.

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Eventually, the 23 candidate cities will be narrowed down to 16.

Los Angeles is practically a lock to be a World Cup host city, and while the Inglewood stadium will be newer, the 92,000-seat Rose Bowl is the stadium in consideration.

Hard numbers aside, it is a vote with Gibraltar having the same say as China.

"Hosting the 2026 FIFA World Cup is a rare and important moment to demonstrate that we are all truly united through sport", Cordeiro said.

With the breakdown of voting results made public, the United bid claimed 134 votes, with 64 giving their support to Morocco and one country voting for neither bid.

After the USA men's national team missed out on qualifying for this summer's tournament, which kicks off at Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium on Thursday, the news of the successful bid was a boost to frustrated American soccer fans.

Arturo Sarukhan, a diplomat who first proposed the idea of a joint Mexico-United States bid in 2010 when he was Mexico's ambassador in Washington, said he believed at the time it would show how Mexico's relationship with the United States "had changed and matured". And then we've got an eye on the pathway, the infrastructure, the development system to make sure that the right players arrive at the right time in 2026. A number of training sites would also have to go to a grass surface.

"There's a pair of socks that I like to wear for these type of situations", he said in an interview.

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