"Are you dead, sir?" ER doc caught mocking patient on video

ER doctor suspended for mocking black patient suffering anxiety attack: ‘You people come here for drugs’

ER doctor suspended for mocking black patient suffering anxiety attack: ‘You people come here for drugs’

An employee of Vituity, a company that staffs the hospital's ER doctors, said in a statement the physician has also been removed from the schedules of all the hospitals at which she works.

"Please be assured that this recent interaction is not reflective of the care and services our over 3,000 dedicated caregivers provide every single day", Woods added.

Bardwell's father, Donald, told SFGate his son was hospitalized due to an anxiety attack after a basketball practice and that his son has a history of anxiety attacks, for which he takes the sedative Klonopin.

Mr Bardwell's basketball coach at West Valley College Scott Eitelgeorge said the young man appeared to be "having a pretty severe anxiety attack" during practice before collapsing on the ground outside. "We didn't know what the effect of not taking the meds would be".

Donald Bardwell doesn't think that's enough. Keegstra couldn't be reached for comment Sunday.

It is not known whether Bardwell was going through withdrawal.

Samuel said he has contacted a lawyer and is considering suing the hospital. At El Camino Hospital, he complained to the doctor about anxiety and muscle pain.

"She said, "I know why you people are here, you people who come here for drugs, ' and I said, 'What do you mean you people?'" Donald said".

From that point on, the conversation was captured on camera. "Come on. Sit up", Keegstra brusquely told Bardwell as his father, Donald, filmed the encounter.

"Sure", Keegstra replied. "And he doesn't have Klonopin because he doesn't have his Klonopin".

Donald Bardwell told The Chronicle that Keegstra was accusatory from the start. The doctor also claimed that Samuel was the "least sick of all the people who are here who are dying". So you put your head up. "Yeah, that's how pissed off you've gotten me".

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Keegstra yanks on Samuel Bardwell's arm, insisting that he sit up.

Bardwell told Keegstra that he could not get up from the bed.

"You want us to wheel you to your house in the gurney?" the doctor quips, before laughing at Bardwell as he says it's hard for him to inhale.

"Did I say I need narcotics?" He was given fluids and medication for his anxiety and pain.

"Here we go", Bardwell said.

Told the son, "I knew from when she said something to the security guard ..." Keegstra says, later adding "this is ridiculous".

As a result, they took measures immediately and suspended Dr. Keegstra from her position. Samuel Bardwell said he received this treatment after waiting three hours to see a doctor.

Samuel said he did nothing to provoke the doctor's unprofessional behavior. "The physician is a contracted provider and has been removed from our ER schedule".

Responds Keegstra in turn, 'He can't inhale!'

With her patient in shock over her remark, she continued swearing.

On more than one occasion, the Los Gatos ER doc ordered Samuel to get off the consultation table despite the boy telling her that he was unable to walk.

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