Justice Anthony Kennedy Retiring; Donald Trump Gets 2nd Supreme Court Pick

Trump celebrates Supreme Court decision on travel ban

Trump celebrates Supreme Court decision on travel ban

Stephen Colbert was very upset about Justice Anthony Kennedy's announcement that he's retiring from the Supreme Court. Republicans changed the rules during Gorsuch's confirmation to wipe out the main delaying tactic for Supreme Court nominees, the filibuster, and the need for 60 votes to defeat it.

If Republicans bent to this logic, the midterms would become, in part, a referendum on the Supreme Court, probably to an unprecedented extent given the gravity of this particular appointment.

When asked if she could support a Supreme Court nominee who opposed legal abortion, Collins said that she considers a variety of criteria when evaluating potential justices.

In the early days of Donald Trump's presidency, many progressive Americans dared to believe that maybe, just maybe, his election victory would not prove as consequential as they first feared.

Kennedy's retirement gives the Trump administration an opening to swing the balance of the court for decades.

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His retirement sets the stage for a major showdown in the Republican-led US Senate over the confirmation of Mr Trump's eventual pick for the lifetime appointment to replace Justice Kennedy, all coming before November elections in which Democrats are seeking to seize control of Congress from Mr Trump's Republicans. Crawford points out that he refused to overturn Roe v. Wade, and he also constrained the bolder conservatives on the court, pulling them back a little bit.

Majority Whip John Cornyn of Texas a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, told reporters Wednesday that Democrats can't block the nominee.

The thing lawmakers from both sides agreed on Wednesday is that the stakes are incredibly high.

"Remember this, so we have a pick to come up, we have to pick a great one", Trump said. But if the confirmation fight is all over by the time voters vote, will it still matter?

Now, the president gets to nominate Mr Kennedy's replacement. "The seat should not be filled with someone who threatens or undermines voting rights, individual freedoms, or the balance of powers enshrined in our founding documents".

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