Travis Pastrana successfully triplicates iconic motorcycle jumps

Evel Knievel jumping the fountains at Caesars Palace in 1967

Evel Knievel jumping the fountains at Caesars Palace in 1967

Extreme motorcyclist Travis Pastrana has jumped further than Evel Knievel ever did in a live television event in Las Vegas - recreating three of the legendary stuntman's most famous jumps.

Pastrana jumps over 16 Greyhound buses, the second of three jumps he performed successfully Sunday night in Las Vegas.

Travis Pastrana completes his jump over the fountains at Caesars Palace.

After his first two jumps, Pastrana - with a police escort - traveled down Las Vegas Boulevard doing burnouts and wheelies, taking selfies with and giving high-fives to fans who lined the roadway as he made his way to Caesar's Palace.

Pastrana completed the feat easily, landing with plenty of room to spare and breaking Knievel's jump of 120 feet over 50 cars at the L.A. Coliseum. "I'm not done yet, but this was definitely one of the coolest things, the coolest thing I've ever been able to do".

Knievel attempted the jump on New Year's Eve in 1967.

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The first stunt takes aim at at Knievel's 1973 jump over 50 stacked, crushed cars, lined up 18 abreast, for 120 feet at the L.A. Coliseum. After making the short jaunt up Flamingo Road to make the showstopper jump, Pastrana soared 149 feet over the fountains with little run-up.

He set up the auto and bus jumps in the huge service area behind the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino - and did all his practice jumps on his usual dirtbike because the big Indian street-bike was completely unsuitable as a jumper.

Capping the night? A dive by Pastrana into the fountains to celebrate. And to replicate the kind of bikes his predecessor jumped, Pastrana will do it on an Indian Scout FTR750 - not one of the much lighter motorcross dirt bikes typically ridden in the X Games events.

Pastrana however, made the 149-foot jump easily.

"I look around, and I think this is as big a spectacle today as it was 50 years ago", Knievel said.

Even with just a 200-foot run-off area, Pastrana made the final and most hard jump (a record length of 149 feet) look easy, even performing a NASCAR-style two-wheeled burnout in celebration.

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