McDonald's worker body-slams woman customer who threw milkshake at her

McDonald's worker body-slams woman customer who threw milkshake at her

McDonald's worker body-slams woman customer who threw milkshake at her

In the video, you see a woman throw what appears to be a milkshake at an employee, followed by a tray.

She then batters the worker with a metal tray - but the server soon strikes back and begins punching the woman.

In a later video, posted to Facebook by Ms Dayag, the worker seems thrilled with her new found internet fame after the footage attracted nearly a million views on Facebook.

The fight then moves to a table where again the employee beats the customer again.

Dayag wrote: "The lady asked for a water cup and supervisor shut down the soda machine because she wasn't letting her get a free soda".

Sabrinah Fontelar has since bragged on Instagram that she was the customer in the video and has claimed that she's been charged with battery over the incident, according to the MailOnline. "Put your hands up to not only protect yourself but to create a barrier", she says, adding that a nonverbal gesture like this sometimes can get through to someone who isn't hearing you.

'That's why your fat a** is behind the f***ing counter, ' Fontelar says, before throwing a single French fry across the restaurant.

'Don't panic, ' she says, before adding: 'It's too late family, y'all f***ed up now, call 'em.' The video then cuts out.

The brawl has sparked widespread comment across social media.

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Another worker, wearing a blue shirt, in the long run limits the battered benefactor yet gets an elbow in the face for her exertion.

"I wasn't even going to hit her".

That restarts the brawl, with the customer beaten in the head and face a second time before the original employee throws her over another table.

She punches the female customer repeatedly and tosses her around like a rag doll.

During the brawl, Chavolla can be heard saying, "My momma ain't dead, you respect my momma".

The customer also picks up a chair and makes as if she is about to hit the employee, but is quickly disarmed having apparently given up all hope of winning.

SHOCKING footage has emerged of a McDonald's worker brutally attacking a customer.

"We do not condone the behaviour depicted in this video", the spokesperson told TMZ.

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