God of War Gets New Game Plus on August 20

God of War Has Received a Huge Discount in the Play Station Store Summer Sale

God of War Has Received a Huge Discount in the Play Station Store Summer Sale

The new mode will be available on August 20, and according to SCE Santa Monica Studios' Aaron Kaufman it was designed with player requests in mind. Most previous God of War games had some form of New Game+, but the new PS4 game has lacked the feature. Releasing on August 20, this mode not only allows users to replay the campaign with most of their current gear, but it also introduces new options to make the experience feel fresh again. You'll be able to skip cutscenes in this mode as well, and in fact, anyone will be able to bypass them in any game mode as long as they've completed the game at least once. Luckily Kratos and Atreus get to kit themselves out with "powerful new armor sets and enchantments", so that should level the playing field a little. If you've already finished the game, New Game+ will be waiting for you once you download the upcoming patch. "With New Game+ comes along a host of new gear, more hard enemies, and cinematic skipping".

Test your skills against higher level enemies; some of which might even have a few new tricks up their sleeves.

Unique to New Game+ is a brand new rarity level of equipment to craft and upgrade!

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Also new to God of War is the ability to skip cinematics, which will presumably come in handy for all the speedrunners out there. Make sure to play around with the new armors and enchantments, as well, to explore the new customization options.

This is something fans have been asking for since God of War launched.

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