Donald Trump Threatens to Suspend Protesting NFL Players Even Though He Can't

NFL player responds to Trump's tweet: 'What a goober'

NFL player responds to Trump's tweet: 'What a goober'

The police union had offered its members the ticket discounts because, according to them, "the franchise said they were going to honor all first responders" and require players to stand for the anthem.

President Trump unloaded on the protesting NFL players who chose to demonstrate during the performance of the USA national anthem Thursday night, saying all athletes should "stand proudly" during the 'Star-Spangled Banner'.

The Miami Dolphins did not responded to CNN's request for comment late Saturday.

Of course, Trump actually can't suspend National Football League players without pay because he's the President of the United States of America, and not a dictator who can force his policies onto private corporations, as much as he'd probably like to be the latter.

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The players are part of a growing number of athletes who have used that moment to protest police brutality and racial inequality, something Broward PBA Vice President Rod Skirvin called "disrespectful and disgusting". "This organization obviously DOES NOT honor First Responders and the dangers they put themselves in every day". President Donald Trump and others have criticized the players, saying their protests are unpatriotic and disrespect the military. But after teams actually began instituting policies to fine players for kneeling, outrage led to the NFL suspending that policy and they're still working with the NFL Player's Association to determine the best course or action. Find another way to protest.

The NFL issued a statement a few hours later, saying that no discipline would be issued for that while negotiations continue with the league and the NFLPA about a potential new anthem policy.

The NFL now has its anthem policy on hold as it tries to come to a compromise with the NFLPA on the issues.

"The NFL Players are at it again - " said Trump in a Tweet.

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