New research found men who wear boxer shorts have higher sperm count

Wearing boxer shorts could help conception

Wearing boxer shorts could help conception

'There are also a number of confounding factors in the study because the group wearing boxer shorts were more likely to be younger, slimmer men but they also subjected their testes to higher temperatures by enjoying hot baths or Jacuzzis and wearing skinny jeans on top of their loose underwear.

Both men who wore boxers and men who wore tighter underwear had average sperm concentrations that were "normal"; that is, they had at least 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen.

In addition to the previous findings, the scientists also found that men who wore loose underwear also had 33% more swimming sperms per ejaculation than others who wore tighter ones.

In addition, there is an assumption that the quality of sperm can affect men underwear: narrower trousers can increase the temperature of the scrotum, which prevents the release of enzymes, which are responsible for sparsogenes. In 1998, a small study consisting of 97 men was published in the Journal of Urology, where the authors claimed that the hyperthermic effect of brief style underwear had been exaggerated, and concluded that routinely advising infertility patients to wear boxer shorts was not justified.

Importantly, while those differences were significant, none of the men had clinically low sperm counts - so while wearing looser boxers might be better for your sperm count, going for tighter ones wouldn't necessarily make you infertile. "What we saw is that type of underwear is related to semen quality", Chavarro said.

Sperm production is known to be sensitive to temperatures above 34C (92F), which is why the testicles hang down away from the body.

However, the sperm shape wasn't affected and neither was the DNA quality.

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Men's underwear can affect fertility.

Men who wore boxers were found to have a higher sperm count and a higher sperm concentration as compared to those that wear tight fitting innerwear.

The study found underwear choice could actually be a "key regulator" of sexual development and reproduction.

However, the study didn't look at the effect of switching underwear styles on sperm count, nor did it examine whether men who wear tight underwear had lower chances of conceiving a child.

Lead author Research Scientist Dr Lidia Mínguez-Alarcón said: "These results point to a relatively easy change that men can make when they and their partners are seeking to become pregnant".

"Because of this, we were able to find a potential compensatory mechanism whereby decreased sperm production relating to the type of underwear signals to the hypothalamus to increase secretion of gonadotropin, a hormone that acts on the testes and that is reflected by the increased levels of FSH, to try to increase sperm production".

The men were also made to answer questions regarding their lifestyle, diet and exercise routines along with their underwear preferences.

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