BMW taught the bike to ride without a driver

BMW RGS Autonomous

BMW RGS Autonomous

Here's to trusting BMW and other, less premium brands can acquire the innovation to the motorcycle in the near future.

Now, you might wonder what the point of a self-driving motorcycle is, as what the hell is the point of a vehicle driving on its own without a single passenger? He starts moving and he gets on the bandwagon stopping. To make life a bit easier for them down the line, BMW has developed "ConnectedRide", a form of self-driving motorcycle technology.

It scopes out the road ahead, analysing bends and can bring the bike to a complete stop when required, lowering a kickstand into place on the ground which it leans on like a normal bike.

In the sale shown in the video unmanned BMW R1200GS is not received.

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However, the company admitted that there are major challenges ahead, such as while a car's autonomous safety system can hit the brakes in an emergency without injuring the driver, that situation is completely different for a bike and its unrestrained rider. As such, the drone is not planned.

So future BMW motorcycles could have advanced active safety technologies which could pull riders out of a possible collision, steer to avoid something in the road or even assist with lane change and cruise-control, similar to how active safety tech works on modern BMW cars. The company intends to use some aspects of technology, which will be a support rider, but does not replace it.

Special thanks to BMW Canada, BMW USA and BMW Europe for sharing this story with us and all our 300 million readers at Total Motorcycle. All he could balance on the seat and at low speeds, and also to follow the owner, turning the steering wheel. Who knows? There could eventually be a demand for self-riding bikes-though I don't see the purpose-but something something urban mobility.

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