Freeland won't immediately return to Washington after briefing Trudeau on NAFTA

Canada and U.S. return to NAFTA negotations

Canada and U.S. return to NAFTA negotations

Ottawa and Washington are working to reach an agreement that needs to be submitted to the U.S. Congress before October in order to join the deal the Trump administration signed with Mexico in August.

Although the United States wants to agree on the text of a new deal on the North American Free Trade Agreement by October 1, the source reiterated Canada's position that it would take as long as needed.

"It doesn't look like any part of this negotiation is about win-win - it's entirely about extracting concessions from Canada and Mexico under duress", Mr. Kronby said.

Trump plans to rename the agreement USM, which stands for United States and Mexico, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday.

The outcome of negotiations, now in their 13th month, will determine the economic and trade relationship between the three North American countries, with the prospects of numerous workers and industries hanging in the balance.

Trudeau says Canada's negotiators have seen multiple deadlines imposed on talks, only to see negotiations continue long past them. It was expected Ms. Freeland might return on Thursday, but this did not happen.

Ms. Freeland and Mr. Lighthizer spoke by telephone on Wednesday and the result was that lead Canadian negotiator Steve Verheul returned to Washington without the minister to work on technical matters related to the negotiations. "It is a continuous negotiation", Freeland said after her second briefing of the day with Trudeau. Trump reportedly said he would add a "C" for Canada depending on what happens at the negotiating table.

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The USMC acronym is known as an acronym for the US Marine Corps.

Canadian and American officials have been working towards an October 1 deadline as they try and hammer out an agreement on a handful of sticking points including dairy and Chapter 19 - one of NAFTA's dispute resolution mechanisms.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Thursday he won't be constrained by the September 30 deadline that the United States is working toward.

"We have seen various deadlines put forward as markers to work for", he said as he wrapped up a Liberal caucus retreat.

"I don't think we've spent much time talking about what the name or potential name or renaming could be", he said. "We're focused on making sure we're delivering good jobs for Canadians". "If that is not possible we are ready to advance bilaterally with the U.S".

The two sides are still arguing over cultural protections, a USA demand for more access to the Canadian dairy market and a dispute resolution mechanism that Canada wants to keep and Washington insists be scrapped.

He said that the Liberals will also stay focused on NAFTA talks, started past year at the behest of U.S. President Donald Trump, to strengthen "the most successful trading relationship perhaps in the world".

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