Man displaced by Hurricane Florence accused of raping woman



Massive, aggressive mosquitoes are swarming areas in North Carolina weeks after Hurricane Florence tore through the region.

North Carolina State University entomologist Michael Waldvogel told the outlet that the large insects, called "gallinippers" or "Psorophora ciliata", can be three times as large as average mosquitoes.

Two people died in North Carolina while repairing damage from the hurricane in late September, bringing the number of storm-related deaths in that state to 39, Governor Roy Cooper said on Tuesday.

North Carolina resident Cassie Vadovsky posted a video to Facebook showing a swarm of the blood-thirsty insects outside her vehicle at her home.

Despite how horrifying Vadovsky's footage may appear, she says she believes other parts of the state may be hit by worse infestations than what she experienced.

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"I'm not even on the side of town that had the major flooding", Vadovsky told USA Today.

Gallinippers, or "shaggy-legged gallinippers" as they are also commonly known, are floodwater mosquitos that lay their eggs in low-lying areas with damp soil and grassy overgrowth.

The eggs lie dormant in dry weather and hatch as adults following heavy rains.

"They were inundating me, and one landed on me", he told The Fayetteville Observer.

He says a silver lining is the mosquitoes aren't transmitting many diseases, but resident Robert Phillips still describes their rise as "a bad science fiction movie". Gallnippers are more of a nuisance than a health risk, but they make storm recovery more hard by driving people indoors. "I told my wife, 'Gosh, look at the size of this thing.' I told her that I guess I'm going to have to use a shotgun on these things if they get any bigger".

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