Tropical Depression could form by late this weekend

Tropical Depression could form by late this weekend

Tropical Depression could form by late this weekend

Long range forecast data is a bit split on two different scenarios (or outcomes) for this disturbance, ranging from just an area of tropical moisture and heavy rain to potentially a tropical storm.

Exactly how much rain is to be determined, based on how where this storm goes and what shape it's in after moving through the aforementioned area of wind shear.

A storm system in the Caribbean stands a good chance of strengthening as it heads into the Gulf of Mexico, forecasters say.

According to a report from the National Hurricane Center (NHC), the associated showers and thunderstorms show signs of organization and the wind circulation is gradually becoming better defined.

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A tropical depression could form by late this weekend or early next week as it drifts slowly northwestward.

So far the Atlantic has produced 12 named storms this year.

At this time, tropical development or not, this is not an immediate concern for Texas. It is then forecast to move north and potentially threaten portions of the Florida's Gulf Coast by midweek.

The Cayman Islands National Weather Service advised that small craft should exercise caution, as seas will be moderate to rough with waves reaching up to 6 feet. Regardless of development right now it looks like we could see more wet conditions across the region for Tuesday and Wednesday of the coming week.

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