Kavanaugh offers 'special gratitude' to Collins, others at ceremonial swearing

Lindsey Graham is “pissed” and coming after Democrats

Lindsey Graham is “pissed” and coming after Democrats

Ye and Trump reunite: Trump and his son-in-law, Jared Kusher, will meet with rapper Kanye West at the White House on Thursday to discuss job opportunities for former convicts, the New York Times reported.

"I think it will be something very, very special", Trump told reporters gathered on the South Lawn. Keeping score on this sort of thing may feel unseemly and irrelevant, but if a right-wing justice had amassed a similar record over a similar period of time, I suspect we'd hear a lot more about it - and not the context of a flurry of swooning films, either.

The US Supreme Court is supposed to be a sacred institution impervious to partisan politics but the newly confirmed justice Brett Kavanaugh gives the court its staunchest conservative majority in decades.

The other law clerks worked for other federal appeals court judges appointed by Republican presidents.

Kavanaugh's elevation to the high court had been considered safe until California university professor Christine Blasey Ford went public with explosive allegations that Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her in 1982, while they were in high school. Kavanaugh had clerked for the justice in 1993-94 and was sworn in by him in separate oath ceremonies. Roberts has previously said that assignment is a way of bringing a new justice "back down to Earth after the excitement of confirmation and appointment". But critics said Kavanaugh's demeanor before the Senate Judiciary Committee raised questions about his temperament and potential political bias in deciding cases. Joe Biden in 1992, where he argued that if a Supreme Court seat became vacant, then President George H.W. Bush should not nominate someone until after that year's election.

"I will always be a team player in a team of nine", Kavanaugh pledged. An FBI report into sexual misconduct allegations made against Kavanaugh, has not been released to the public.

"And second, Donald Trump, isn't he the guy who has everyone chanting "lock her up" "lock her up"?"

Before the arguments, Chief Justice John Roberts welcomed Kavanaugh, 53, to a court that now has five conservative members and four liberals.

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Tuesday - Kavanaugh will join the bench for the first time.

WASHINGTON, D.C. President Donald Trump apologized to Brett Kavanaugh for the bitter battle over his confirmation to the Supreme Court and declared him "innocent" of the sexual assault allegations that almost derailed his nomination.

And on Monday evening he was the guest of honour at a ceremonial swearing-in at the White House.

Ultimately, every Democrat voted against Kavanaugh except for Sen. Yet Kavanaugh is joining under a cloud.

Accusations from several women remain under scrutiny, and House Democrats have pledged further investigation if they win the majority in November. "We stood up to the mob", he said.

With one confirmation just ended, McConnell also signaled he's willing to take up another high court nomination in the 2020 presidential election season should another vacancy arise.

The other eight members of the highest court, a number of Republican senators crucial to the confirmation process and President Donald Trump watched as retired Justice Anthony Kennedy administered the judicial oath to Kavanaugh. But when asked again Sunday about it, he said different rules might apply if the same party controls the Senate and White House.

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