Borderlands 2 VR Announced for PlayStation VR, Arrives this December

Borderlands 2 VR Heading To PlayStation VR in December 2018

Borderlands 2 VR Heading To PlayStation VR in December 2018

Borderlands 2 VR has already gotten a release date, too. "Developed by Gearbox Software, Borderlands 2 VR brings the iconic shooting-looting world of Pandora to life like never before, as you virtually become a treasure-seeking Vault Hunter facing off against the galaxy's most charming psychopathic dictator - Handsome Jack - with nothing but your arsenal of 87 bazillion guns". This $49.99 game will give people access to the acclaimed shooter with looting elements in VR. There are also multiple movement styles to enhance comfort and/or immersion, depending on if players want to use traditional VR teleport controls, or actually walk around Pandora.

This seems to be the full game in VR, which seems an odd choice given that fast-paced first person shooters are usually hard to getting working comfortably. Players will be able to navigate through the menus by "pointing, clicking, dragging. and dropping".

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Borderlands 2 originally launched on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC in September 2012.

Borderlands 2 VR is coming to PlayStation VR on December 14, 2K and Gearbox Software have announced. Burleson dives a bit deeper into some of the VR-conscious changes the team had to make in the full write-up on the PlayStation Blog. Those of you who pre-order the game will receive a PS4 Dynamic Theme for your troubles. A new game mechanic, called "BAMF Time" (or "BadAss Mega Fun Time") slows down the action, allowing players to dodge bullets and perform other cool manoeuvres.

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