Couple divorce after Google Street View captures wife stroking another man's hair

Woman with man in Barranco

Woman with man in Barranco

An unnamed couple reportedly divorced after the husband spotted a picture of his wife with another man on Google Maps.

The man had been researching the best way to reach a popular bridge in Lima, the capital of Peru, when he spotted a familiar figure in one of the Google Street View photos.

The man is lying on the seat with his head on the woman's lap as she gazes tenderly at him and strokes his hair.

He first recognised that the woman's clothes were identical to those of his wife and then looked closer and realised it was her. According to the local media, the woman admitted to having an affair and the pair, who haven't been named, later divorced.

The couple, whose names have not been revealed, divorced as a result of the wife's affair.

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It quickly dawned on him that the image would have been taken back in 2013 when Google first sent out cars fitted with special cameras created to digitally map out roadways.

The man recently shared the photographs on Facebook where they made a big impression on users.

Netizen San Pateste said: "What a small world it is..."

WTF?! Google's Street View vehicles have been taking photos on our roads for over ten years, and in that time they've inadvertently captured images of subjects in compromising situations.

This has inevitably resulted in some amusing and weird moments captured on camera, including a couple having sex by a auto at at unknown location, an armed robbery in South Africa and half-a-dozen people in pigeon masks in Japan.

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