Google Pixel 3 & Pixel 3 XL will get Android updates till 2021

The feature will be rolled out as an update on 18th October to the first generation Pixel the Pixel 2 and the newly launched Pixel 3

The feature will be rolled out as an update on 18th October to the first generation Pixel the Pixel 2 and the newly launched Pixel 3

The renewed efforts come after Google snapped up the bulk of the smartphone design unit of Taiwanese tech firm HTC and brought the phone hardware business in-house. To make it easier to track everything that's coming to those using Assistant-powered devices, Google published some sort of recap blog post that contains information about several Google Assistant new features and improvements coming to smartphones soon. Google boasts this device will deliver "better surround sound" because of its speakers.

Earlier this year Google announced Duplex, AI smarts built into the Google Assistant. You can choose to pick up or ignore the call.

Google Duplex is rolling out to select cities this November. No more glowing or red eyes, bad shadows, and lack of detail.

October 9 marked the date for Made By Google 2018 event where Google unveiled a number of tech products including the new Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL. You see a transcript of the response on the screen. The hardwire connection should make for a more reliable gaming experience on your Pixel device.

Limited adoption has reflected Google's hesitancy to go as wide and big in distributing and marketing the Pixel as Apple, which launched its last two iPhone line-ups in about 50 countries. That's similar to Amazon's Echo Show and a new Facebook device called Portal.

Both phones still come with a single-lens rear camera system, but it doesn't sound like Google needs more than one lens.

With Playground, the characters have a natural lifelike feel that's really impressive. The updated feature comes with select Marvel characters. They've not mentioned as of yet what exact CPU will be in the machines.

This is basically AR Stickers on steroids. Google Lens is getting better too.

Google has signaled that it wants to be a leader in the Android camp, but for any real breakthrough it must first need to lay out a clear market positioning vis-a-vis other Android phone makers.

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The Pixel 3 handsets introduce new photography features including a much higher-quality digital zoom than before.

Tapping on a subject in the viewfinder will tell the Pixel camera to keep track of the in-motion objects. Pixel 3 starts at $799, while the Pixel 3 XL starts at $899. At the same time, neither phone is much bigger than the Pixel 2 phones. If the photo you took when you pressed the shutter button has something "wrong" with it, like someone blinking or last-second movement, Top Shot will recommend a photo that looks better.

Basically, it's like predictive text for Gmail conversations.

Google's Pixel 3 phones are now up for preorder.

Google faced a fresh privacy backlash Tuesday over a glitch that may have exposed data from half a million users, overshadowing the Silicon Valley's launch of a new smartphone and other devices. As a result, this is the smartest smartphone camera money can buy; low-light shooting is fantastic and Google's new "Top Shot" system takes images before you've even pressed the shutter, allowing you to capture the flawless snap.

In DisplayMate, however, have not said a word about how the standard Google display Pixel 3 has demonstrated in tests against his "older brother". It'll take tons of photos in rapid succession, then detect the best photo automatically.

Google's Made by Google event officially kicked off with snippets of YouTube videos revealing the leaked Google products, then followed by an embarrassed emoji.

Google is making a big song and dance about its camera technology. You don't have to scroll through the list like the video, it does it for you. This is even the same amount as the original Google Pixel 1 phone that released in 2016.

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