MI man guilty after shooting at teen trying to ask for directions

Michigan man guilty after shooting at teen trying to ask for directions

Michigan man guilty after shooting at teen trying to ask for directions

Surveillance video released to jurors Tuesday in the trial of Jeffrey Zeigler shows the white MI man aiming and firing a shotgun at a black student who has said he was seeking directions after missing his bus to school.

On Monday, Walker testified at Oakland County Circuit Court against Zeigler and explained how he was looking for directions to Rochester High School after missing his bus, and opened the screen door to knock on the main door before being chased away by a shotgun wielding white man.

A surveillance video of Jeffrey Ziegler has been released, which shows the homeowner and former Detroit firefighter shooting a shotgun at Brennan Walker.

Panicked, Dana screams and says she woke up her husband Jeffrey from a deep sleep.

"I believe the video shows something else and I hope the jury sees it as well", Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard said, according to the sheriff's office Facebook page. "You can tell, he doesn't have control of that gun", Morad said. He went to several houses and asked for directions, police said.

Walker can be seen walking toward Zeigler's door and apparently knocking.

In April, Walker described his encounter with Dana Zeigler. Somewhere along the four-mile trek, the teen got turned around and stopped at Zeigler's home to ask for directions.

'I saw a black person standing at my door and I screamed at him and I asked him what he was doing there.

Marshall said he couldn't definitively say what it was leveled at.

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"He didn't look like a child".

In April, during a court appearance, Jeffrey Ziegler, a retiree of the Detroit Fire Department and on disability for a 2014 job-related injury, said he was asleep in bed "when my wife started screaming and crying". "He wishes he could take it back, but obviously he can't take it back", Morad said.

But the video from a surveillance camera near Zeigler's porch likely will raise doubts about his version of events for the trial's jurors.

Zeigler also gave an odd interview, Pace said.

"I wanted to fire more up in the air, more towards my shoulder, and I didn't get the chance to because like I said, it was slippery, and I didn't have a good grip on the gun", he said. "I was shocked", Detective Shawn Pace testified. I felt extremely remorseful.

"She (Zeigler's wife) thought I was trying to break in".

"When I saw that video..." The teen heard a gunshot but wasn't hurt.

Sentencing is scheduled for November 13, Morad said, adding it was too early to say whether they are considering an appeal.

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