UK Plans to Tax Plastic Packaging

Philip Hammond announced that plastic packaging containing less than 30 per cent recycled plastic would be taxed from April 2022

Philip Hammond announced that plastic packaging containing less than 30 per cent recycled plastic would be taxed from April 2022

The UK is planning a tax on the import and manufacturing of non-recyclable plastic packaging in response to growing concern about waste materials polluting the environment.

Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic Packaging marketing research By Sort/Type such as PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), PP (Polypropylene), Other. He said this would encourage food and drink companies to reduce their dependence on plastics which are hard or impossible to recycle, such as black food trays and plastic straws.

Single use plastic items make up more than 70 per cent of marine litter and will be banned across European Union countries by 2021, under newly announced plans. However, there has been some push back on the idea from industry, with the Paper Cup Alliance stating that a levy could cost the economy £819 million and result in 11,000 job losses in the coffee retail sector. However, he stopped short of announcing the imposition of a "latte levy", that would have charged around 25p for each single-use coffee cup. "Should wider policies not deliver the government's waste ambitions for the future, it will consider the introduction of a tax on the incineration of waste, in conjunction with landfill tax, taking account of the possible impacts of local authorities". "To further boost recycled content across all plastic packaging and drive progress towards a circular economy for plastics, it is vital to dramatically increase global waste collection and recycling rates through investment in recycling infrastructure and technology".

"To ensure 30 percent recycled PET is used in packaging in the first place, this material will need to be collected and reused - which still remains one of the biggest hurdles to overcome", Marshal warned. The new tax proposal is, therefore, welcome and we look forward to engaging fully with the consultation. Every one of these brands tends to use a substantial amount of waste, and a recent study examined the effect that plastic pollution has on the ocean. Recyclability needs to be built in at the design stage and this will require a stronger and expanded Extended Producer Responsibility framework. Market analysis of Plastic Recycling industry by applications and types.

As we reported in May, the recycling industry is going through some tough times.

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"This Budget has provided positive signs that the government is taking seriously the need to manage our resources and waste carefully". Earlier this year, the United Kingdom government said that Britain is set to ban all sales of single-use plastics, including plastic straws and cotton swabs as early as 2019.

Simon Ellin, chief executive of the Recycling Association, which represents recycling companies, said that the industry had been hoping for a swifter incentive to justify building more recycling plants.

In a press release dated 28 October, SC Johnson announces that it is actively combating marine pollution from plastic waste.

The chancellor went on to say that the so-called "latte levy", which would introduce a 25-pence levy on disposable coffee cups, was off the table at this point as it was not "effective in encouraging widespread reuse".

"Fashion in particular stands out as an industry in which more environmental regulation is required".

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