About 1,000 brooding octopuses found off California coast

Marine scientists capture rare footage of the dumbo octopus during survey of the Davidson Seamount

Marine scientists capture rare footage of the dumbo octopus during survey of the Davidson Seamount

During the hour that the Nautilus research team observed the octopuses off the California coast, King said, the scientists saw no end to creatures lined up in the cracks of the rocks, from which an unknown shimmering fluid was seeping.

The cluster of more than 1,000 grey octopuses latching on to clean, dark rock was found last week in the Davidson Seamount, an underwater extinct volcano in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, Chad King, a marine biologist at the sanctuary, said Tuesday.

"Even though I'm a scientist, we're all kids out here", he admitted, adding the Dumbo octopus "delighted everyone". However, the largest Dumbo octopus ever measured was more than six feet long.

Researchers came across an octopus that swam using its earlike fins.

There are 13 known species of Dumbo octopuses, and majority live a depths below 3,000m (9,000 ft).

These octopuses are completely adorable but it's hard to spot the Dumbo Octopuses, also known as Grimpoteuthis.

The creature they saw was about 58cm and was gliding at nearly 3.3km deep, according to the Ocean Exploration Trust, a non-profit organisation that owns the Nautilus vessel.

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"At first the ghostly octopod drifted past the camera on remotely operated vehicle (ROV) Hercules flapping its pair of wing-like fins, then it inverted its web, spreading it like an umbrella to reveal the eight arms each with a single series of suckers and two series of finger-like muscular structures called cirri (hence the name cirrate octopod)", the Ocean Exploration Trust stated.

Nautilus' current expedition is scheduled to run through October 31, so they may share more footage of the Dumbo-like octopus. What are some interesting things to know about the dumbo octopuses?

These creatures are naturally rare and hardly seen or captured on film as they live in parts of the ocean where humans don't typically explore.

"The fact that we encountered one is what is special", he said, adding the footage could be useful for octopus experts.

Still, researchers witnessed another awesome find on the same dive.

"We ran into this incredible brooding, or collection, of a different species of octopus, all mums brooding their eggs", he said.

It appeared to circle back towards the vessel, giving researchers "a show".

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