Avoiding antiperspirants deodorants may prevent breast cancer

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Fiona Mac Farlane shared the clip of her greyhound Charles and urged people to"keep them til Nov 5th

The in-house statistics from the Samoa Cancer Society is indicative of the alarming rate that breast cancer is spreading amongst women in the community. Maria is a survivor of breast cancer and has been running these events with the Event Management students since 2013 after her own diagnosis. "At that time, both my mom and my grandmother did a very good job of making me aware of healthy breast practices and things to be aware of when it comes to my breast health". The campaign also offers information and support to those affected by breast cancer.

Throughout the semester, the organization plans a sequence of student-friendly events around campus to promote awareness and provide the opportunity for students to educate themselves about breast cancer.

"We must talk about breast cancer and ensure that education and awareness creation of the disease go down to the people".

They analyzed the results of 15 studies evaluating the association between processed meat and breast cancer incidence, which included data from 37,070 breast cancer cases in more than 1.2 million women. Some women need to be screened earlier than others, depending on their risk factors.

The activity was co-sponsored by their community partners, What's Next Pine Bluff and Novel Ts, to spread the word about steps women and men can take to detect and treat breast cancer early, according to a news release.

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Several studies have linked the consumption of processed and red meat with multiple cancers, including breast cancer, but others have found no association between them. She notes that the screening service helps women understand their cancer risk based on a number of factors, including age, personal health history, and genetic or family history.

Since the induction of Pinktober into its annual work plan around six years ago, the Society has noted a marked increase in local and worldwide community support and engagement, said a statement. It is a central part of our responsibility to get involved and do whatever we can to assist groups or individuals looking to raise funds and donate to The Cancer Society of The Bahamas.

"Being a part of the program gives me a lot of peace of mind", Musgrove said. Breast cancer occurs when cells grow beyond their normal bounds.

According to the researchers, the high amounts of nitrates or nitrites - which can lead to the formation of potentially carcinogenic chemicals - saturated fat, cholesterol, and animal-derived iron have been suggested as the reason why processed meat may raise the risk of cancer, including breast cancer.

Hayley James at Antalis, said: "We really look forward to planning a fun day for our colleagues to not only raise money to help support people affected by this bad disease but to also raise awareness".

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