Fortnitemares Finale -- Cube Explodes, Lake Returns

Fortnite Battle Royale Heavy AR Weapon

Fortnite Battle Royale Heavy AR Weapon

At about 1pm EST today, Fortnite's cube began to pulse, then glow and spin. A flash of white launched players into a bright, but empty realm that was reminiscent of a wintry version of the Matrix. I floated, suspended in space, until being uncerimoniously dumped back to a Loot Lake with a new island in the middle. Players are naturally unsure what will happen next, and seeing the usually familiar world of your favourite game suddenly evolve before your eyes is wonderfully engrossing.

Yesterday, fans had an opportunity to say their goodbyes to Kevin, as it left the game for good during the in-game event that took place to mark the end of the title's Halloween themed mode, Fortnitemares.

After the cube exploded, Fortnite players were treated to a blinding white screen, and were then transported to a odd digital world where they were just floating with all the other players in the match. The community had affectionately named the cube "Kevin" since its inception. The report stated that as part of the event, the purple Cube that was rolling and floating around the game map for nearly the entire season. In mid-September he destroyed part of Tilted Towers before eventually reinventing himself in Loot Lake, turning the surface purple and bouncy. The island then drifted across the map, activating the runes, which became corrupted areas full of Shadow Stones, before returning to the lake.

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The event started with the cube rotating and hardening.

RIP, Kevin. Hello, new cyber-butterfly overlords.

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