The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 4: The Obliged

Gene Page  AMC

Gene Page AMC

The real star of The Obliged is Michonne, as the episode elegantly puts across the pull between her old life of chaos and the new life of order that she is trying to implement. After the death of Justin, and other Saviors, Jed and the other rebel and decide to steal the weapons from the camp to the construction site.

Tonight's Talking Dead will be the absolute closest Walking Dead fans will get to Merle and Negan talking outside the two hour special following season 8's premiere TWD episode.

Frustrated by his discussions about her son, she threw his food on the ground outside his cell and returned home, only to realize that wouldn't be what Rick wants and it isn't what she wants. The conversation was a disappointment for Rick, who, with tears in her eyes, realizes that his project - the project of Carl - will perhaps never be the day. The two men come to the hands before you end up stuck in a hole. At the same time, Daryl's need to see Negan dead, shared by Maggie who is going to Alexandria to do just that, makes sense as well because Negan's continued survival allows a portion of the Saviors hope for the previous status quo to reassert itself. We'll see what happens when the series returns next Sunday.

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But how will Rick go out - in a final blaze of glory taking out a horde of zombies or a quiet and lonely death? Since this is The Walking Dead, however, it ends up foreshadowing a contrived major character flaw. Maggie, part to Alexandria to settle accounts with Negan, she will find Rick and the save? "I don't see Rick going out this way". There will be spoilers in this post for how Episode 4 ended and expectations for Episode 5. So, let's talk more about the upcoming episode ahead! It may indicate that Maggie isn't going to die.

After gaining a few sympathy points by opening up about his wife, Negan makes the asinine declaration that him and Michonne are "the same" because they are both warriors who aren't now getting the opportunity to fight.

Unable to pull himself up, Rick starts to lose consciousness and the episode comes to an end as the scene zooms out. Add in Negan's ridiculous attempt to rattle Michonne via some blatantly false equivalency, and we are once again left with another lackluster episode.

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