Ross Edgley sets record for round Great Britain swim

Ross Edgley becomes first man to swim around Great Britain after arriving back in Margate

Ross Edgley becomes first man to swim around Great Britain after arriving back in Margate

In an interview on Margate beach, Ross said: "When I was running in I was really anxious that my legs would give way, I've not touched land for 157 days so there was a real worry that I could've face planted the beach in front of everybody and all the media". According to the World Open Water Swimming Association, Edgley was stung by jellyfish 37 times during the swim and his tongue was damaged due to constant exposure to salt water.

In planning the adventure, he anticipated it would take 100 days and told his family "sorry I'm late" as they and hundreds of admirers greeted him on Sunday.

He admitted being a bit wobbly after five months either swimming or being on his support boat - and emotional, too, while struggling to find the words to sum up his achievement.

Edgley's odyssey was compared from the outset to the feat of Captain Matthew Webb, who in 1875 became the first person to swim the English Channel.

Telling the BBC that he's "not quite bored of swimming" just yet, and is even looking forward to his next challenge, Edgley said the reception he's had from the public has made it all worthwhile. "I'm just really grateful". I thought it was just going to be my mum and my dad with a pizza, ' he said.

He was accompanied by Cornish sailor Matthew Knight, supporting from his catamaran Hecate.

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In mid-August, he broke the work record for the longest staged sea swim of 73 days, set by Benoît Lecomte who swam across the Atlantic Ocean in 1998. Eighty-three days later, he has. That's just open water swimming.

During the journey, he expended an estimated 500,000 calories and ate more than 500 bananas as a source of energy.

It is Edgley's latest record-breaking feat.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Ross has previously rope climbed the equivalent height of Mount Everest (8,848m) inside 24 hours, completed a triathlon with a tree strapped to his back, and finished a marathon while dragging a Mini Cooper.

Ross Edgley arrived in Margate this morning after setting off on the 2,000 mile challenge from the beach there on June 1.

He said at the time: "Scotland represented such an important point in that once we got here, it meant we stood a chance of getting round the top, round St. John o" Groats, and back down the other side before the British summer ends and the winter really kicks in. Even then we were already missing it because we knew it was all coming to an end. "Relief I didn't face plant the floor, grateful I can come on land and see my family again".

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