Russia's fighter jet intercepts U.S. aircraft over Black Sea

A pilot gets in a Russian Su-27 fighter jet prior to a rehearsal of an aerobatics show

A pilot gets in a Russian Su-27 fighter jet prior to a rehearsal of an aerobatics show

The Pentagon said that the EP-3 was conducting routine operations while the encounter happened, not provoking the Russian activity.

The U.S. Navy has released video of what it says was an unsafe interception of a Navy plane by a Russian jet on Monday. "The intercepting SU-27 made an additional pass, closing with the EP-3 and applying its afterburner while conducting a banking turn away, ' it added".

The Navy released a short video clip Monday of the Russian jet's afterburner flaring alongside the US aircraft.

A Russian SU-27 jet reportedly intercepted one of the USA reconnaissance planes Monday in worldwide airspace.

The last time a Russian military aircraft performed an unsafe intercept over the Black Sea was in January, when another SU-27 jet came within two meters of a U.S. Navy surveillance plane.

American officials were not initially able to determine if the Russian aircraft was armed or not.

Moscow has denied USA claims that one of its planes was intercepted over the Black Sea by an Su-27 jet in an "unsafe manner".

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It was not clear how close the Russian aircraft had come to the American plane. The crew reported turbulence during the first pass and vibrations during the second, the Navy said.

Pahon said there was no communication between the two aircraft throughout the 25-minute incident.

"Jet wash" from the Russian engines posed a danger to aircraft flying nearby as the pilot charged up his afterburners.

In a press briefing following the incident, Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon said that there was "just absolutely no reason for this type of behavior".

Though the USA has announced its Trident Juncture military exercises in global airspace and waters, or over friendly countries with their approval, Russia's military has made a number of "surprise visits", most recently with a long-range bomber flying over a United States warship.

The EP-3 is an electronic warfare plane used by the US Navy for surveillance.

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