USA midterm polls start to open: Who will control Congress?

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But in a hard-driving series of rallies around the country, Mr Trump, the most polarising United States president in decades has put himself at the centre of every issue. First among them would be a potentially bitter leadership fight in the House to replace retiring Speaker Paul Ryan. But if the GOP loses its majority it will need to to go on defense to protect Trump. If Trump manages to pull off a victory in terms of retaining control of one or both Houses, it will be seen as a validation of his stand that poor migrants and refugees from other countries are a threat to the peaceful life of the American people and send out a clear message to the world on what the original "country of migrants" now thinks on that issue. Forty-four per cent said they either were unsure which party to support or meant to back neither party's nominee.

He has been working hard to get out the vote among his support base, but rather than focusing on the strong U.S. economy, he has chose to make immigration his central campaign message. "And especially in the House where a simple majority gives you nearly absolute power to again set the agenda and get bills across the floor". "They'll be miserable because they're in the minority".

Democrats are hoping for a wave election that would bring them control of the House and gubernatorial victories in key states like Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin. But a narrowed majority would also exacerbate divisions over policy - and continued unified control could leave the GOP facing the blame for gridlock.

While one point may not seem like much, two factors should be considered here.

Trump is stressing Senate contests like Indiana's after sending signals that maintaining the House may be out of reach. His current approval rating among Republican voters has reportedly touched a whopping 89 percent. And both chambers could take another swing at repealing the Affordable Care Act and possibly help Trump shut down the Mueller investigation. Lawmakers also plan to enact additional tax cuts aimed at the middle class and work to promote new trade policies.

The outcome of the vote could have a massive impact on the way Trump's presidency unfolds. "The prospect of a Democratic controlled House or Senate puts a serious wrinkle in getting anything through Congress".

Even as networks refuse to run the ad, Trump still espouses the same message in it, often telling crowds at his rallies that the migrant caravan is full of unsafe people. Would a report that showed 280,000 new jobs have clinched the election for the Republicans? "I don't think so", Trump said, invoking images of the caravan of Central American migrants moving through Mexico.

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Most Republicans admit the best-case scenario is keeping the losses to a minimum.

"We need to keep building on the success we have with the economy". "You see how they've behaved".

Trump, without control of Congress, could decide to triangulate.

Trump campaigned in Indiana Monday, just three days after his last visit, in a desperate effort to take down a Democratic incumbent here. Not to mention he has never hesitated to throw an ally under the bus, says Doug Heye, the former communications director for the RNC. In other words it will more closely match the Trumpian base of the party. Another Politico source says House Speaker Paul Ryan called Trump on Sunday to beg him to focus on the economy in the final hours of campaigning.

"The Republican Party, first of all, is going to be the Trump party", Gingrich says.

Axios and Survey Monkey have asked the same question six times since October 2016 and found a rise in democratic faith around the presidential election that was erased over the following 12 months with steady numbers since.

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