Ariana Grande named Billboard's 2018 Woman of the Year

Billboard has named American singer Ariana Grande its Woman of the Year for 2018

Billboard has named American singer Ariana Grande its Woman of the Year for 2018

Grande chose to channel the classic musical number from "The First Wives Club", wearing bridal white alongside her two backup singers to resemble the film's stars Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn and Dianne Keaton. The song begins, "Thought I'd end up with Sean / But he wasn't a match / Wrote some songs about Ricky / Now I listen and laugh / Even nearly got married / And for Pete, I'm so thankful / Wish I could say "thank you" to Malcolm / 'Cause he was an angel".

At one point, she climbed on top of a chair and almost fell on her way down.

The song got particularly emotional for Grande during a verse about her parents.

She moved into more emotional territory as the song progressed, holding back tears while singing about her future wedding day.

In the video, Ariana sings about overcoming life's challenges using the power of breath as she makes her way through crowded locales solo. One taught me love, one taught me patience, and one taught me pain'.

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"I know some of you are curious about the breakup but the truth is it's nobody's business and sometimes things just don't work out and that's OK", he said during "Weekend Update".

"Pete had been planning to address the split days before Saturday". She finished the performance with a smile, and danced down the aisles of the set while the audience cheered.

"I thought we were supposed to exit!" the singer noted.

She helped organize the One Love Manchester concert a year ago, raising more than US$23 million for victims of the Manchester bombing. DeGeneres responds: "It's totally fine, we're happy that you came back". And for all those who insist everyone lip syncs these kinds of performances, Grande's laughter a couple of times puts that to rest.

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