Jose Mourinho facing touchline ban for alleged TV camera swearing rant

Jose Mourinho facing touchline ban for alleged TV camera swearing rant

Jose Mourinho facing touchline ban for alleged TV camera swearing rant

Mourinho had been thought to have escaped a touchline ban following the original commission decision but this now remains a possibility.

The Football Association has confirmed that it is appealing against an independent commission's decision to clear José Mourinho of using foul language following Manchester United's 3-2 win against Newcastle.

The charge was vigorously contested.

The FA brought in lip readers and linguistics experts to build a case against Mourinho, who in turn enlisted his own language experts to fight the charge.

Mourinho had been under intense pressure heading into the Newcastle game at Old Trafford amid speculation he would be sacked as United had not won any of their four previous matches.

"The words mouthed were a Portuguese colloquial profanity".

The written reasons also detail how the FA's linguistic expert Pedro Xavier says Mourinho twice used the phrase "Vós sois uns filhos da puta" - translating to "sons of a whore" and explaining that the phrase is, "highly offensive, especially if the people involved are not close".

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Mourinho's linguistics expert argued the words used by the United boss were not directed at anyone in particular and were a "personal, inwardly-directed expression of relief, happiness and determination" at the result.

Valente argued that the words, although rude, would not be considered offensive to an average Portuguese person, particularly as they were used in a celebratory manner in the context of Manchester United's dramatic victory.

Mourinho asked whether anybody had been insulted, abused and/or offended, as well as contending that the charge was out of step with the FA's longstanding approach to swearing, citing several high-profile examples that did not lead to a charge.

Having expressed surprise at the verdict, the FA have now, as expected, made a decision to appeal after "carefully considering" the commission's written findings released on Wednesday, which again raises the possibility of Mourinho receiving a touchline ban. Thus, the objective person would have had to lip read JM's mouth and interpret Portuguese colloquialisms to accurately decipher the comments.

It led the commission to rule: "We find that JM (Jose Mourinho) was celebrating victory without aiming the words at anyone in particular".

Mourinho could well face questions about the appeal after United's match away to Italian giants Juventus in the Champions League later Wednesday.

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