NASA Detects Smiley in New Galaxy Through Its Hubble Space Telescope

NASA Detects Formation of Galaxies That Looks Like a Smiley

NASA Detects Formation of Galaxies That Looks Like a Smiley

In an image posted to NASA's website, two yellow lights can be seen above an arc of light, painting a smiley face in the middle of a sea of stars. So gravitational lensing acts as a kind of magnifying glass for dim, far away galaxies and allows researchers to observe them easily. This effect is known as gravitational lensing and requires that the three participants (the light source, the massive structure, and the observer - which is on Earth) be aligned in a straight-line configuration called a syzygy.

Astronomers using Hubble Space Telescope's Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3) have captured a stunning view of a patch of space that is filled with galaxies. The gravity of the nearby galaxies bends and magnifies the light coming from distant galaxies, making them look brighter and larger than they actually are.

The powerful telescope captured this image in an effort to understand how new stars spring to life throughout the cosmos.

This optical phenomenon took place due to the birth of a new star when she came out of a giant cloud of gas, the so-called stellar nurseries. These galaxies got its name because of the regions of active formation of young blue stars, which are usually located near their cores.

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The picture was taken by space telescope "Hubble" established in automatic Observatory in Earth orbit. "Studying nurseries within different galaxies will provide information about star formation at different points in time and space throughout the universe", added NASA.

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He is arguably most famous for discovering that the universe is expanding and the rate at which is does so - now coined the Hubble constant.

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