Red Dead Redemption 2's vanishing gang buddy issue addressed by Rockstar

Red Dead Redemption II- old Mexico way

Red Dead Redemption II- old Mexico way

Tens of thousands of some of the most grueling game development in the industry have yielded a product that has taken up much time from many game players around the world.

The makers of Red Dead Redemption 2, the most anticipated video game of the year, made a decision to do their bit for women's rights by putting a suffragette character in the cowboy-themed adventure, which was released last month. They'd also magically re-appear after Chapter 4, but it does mean that players affected by the bug would miss out on conversations at camp. According to Rockstar, a fix is on the way.

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In the interim, in order to experience all vignettes and conversations, players must complete the "Polite Society, Valentine Style" mission without using Retry Checkpoint. We are aware of the issue and are now working on a fix to be included in an upcoming Title Update. If you've already progressed well beyond that with your gang members missing, then it's bad news. Sadie, John, Abigail, and Jack will all go missing after a certain point early on in the game, leaving players concerned they weren't able to play missions given by these characters. If you die during the mission "Polite Society, Valentine Style" in Chapter 2 and use the "Retry Checkpoint" option, the aforementioned characters will disappear from camp - unless they have a mission for you.

'A little part of me worries that some of these people are so emotionally invested in the game that they're starting to lose perception of what's real and what isn't'.

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