Triumph the Insult Comic Dog mocks Ted Cruz on the campaign trail

Getty Images  Carla Speigh  Tom Reel-Pool

Getty Images Carla Speigh Tom Reel-Pool

Triumph finally gets his long-awaited face-off with Ted Cruz, who tried to hold his own against the insult comic dog.

The savage burn has gone viral on the internet, especially since Triumph said it directly to Cruz's face.

Rep. Beto O'Rourke, the Democrat looking to unseat Texas Republican Sen. He offers to coach some Latinx voters in the O'Rourke crowd on how to pass as white so they won't have a problem voting.

She told MSNBC's Garrett Haake in a tearful interview that she "wasn't expecting" O'Rourke to show up and thinks "he's pretty important".

"Does it concern you that half your base thinks they can vote for you through Instagram?" he asked.

Obviously, Beto is getting off lightly.

"Nobody should be yelling at this man in a public place", Triumph said, mocking calls for civility after Cruz was shouted out of a Washington, D.C. restaurant.

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"What do you have that Ted Cruz doesn't have?" "Besides the ability to regenerate his tail!"

"Because he represents everything that Donald Trump isn't", the voter insisted. "See, because he's a reptile". He interviews a group of Cruz supporters who crack up throughout his roasting of Cruz, which include a joke that if Ted loses, "he'll end up back with his first love, the mute lady from The Shape of Water?".

But while Triumph seemed to take it easy on O'Rourke, incumbent Cruz didn't have such luck. "See, because he's a ugly fish monster".

Carrey wasn't finished in the back and forth, taking one last shot at Cruz by dragging Donald Trump into the situation. "Is that in the GOP health-care plan?" I'm not overwhelming scientific evidence of global warming!" and "Ted, quick question!

"Ted, is it true you will defend the constitution at all costs?" Triumph asks when he finally has a brief audience with Cruz.

Then Triumph made his way over to the Ted Cruz rally, or a "Duck Dynasty cosplay convention". Triumph's comeback: "Hey, I support spaying!"

Watch the full video above.

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