Yoga studio owner ‘shattered and horrified’ by shooting

Florida State University student Maura Binkley was a “beloved sister,” her sorority said

Florida State University student Maura Binkley was a “beloved sister,” her sorority said

Emergency services at the scene of the shooting at the Hot Yoga studio in Florida. Police say the 40-year-old Beierle then turned the gun on himself but have offered no motive in the attack.

By the time police arrived, Beierle was dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, officials said. "I don't know if it jammed or what".

It gave some in the studio time to flee. "So I used that opportunity to hit him over the head with it".

"She'd want to tell you that people just need to step back and think of losses of all types. that emanate from our lack of ability to deal in any effective way with pervasive mental illness and the control and regulation of firearms", he said.

"He saved my life", she said through tears, explaining how she thought she was going to die.

The owner of a Florida yoga studio where two women were fatally shot has posted an emotional Facebook message about the tragedy.

Binkley was a 21-year-old student at Florida State, according to school President John Thrasher.

Maura Binkley, who grew up in Atlanta and was a double major in English and German, was set to graduate in May. Raised in Vestal, New York, he appeared to have made videos detailing his hatred of everything from the Affordable Care Act to girls who'd allegedly mistreated him in middle school. All of Beierle's original videos were removed from YouTube after Buzzfeed News published its story, but a video posted to YouTube on Saturday appears to be a duplicate of one of Beierle's original video rants.

Numerous disturbing details about him emerged over the weekend.

Beierle was a military veteran with degrees from Binghamton University and Florida State University.

A Tallahassee police spokesman would not confirm or deny the videos were Beierle's. In it, a man whose likeness matches the photo of Beierle released by the Tallahassee Police Department uses a racial slur to describe black people and goes on to list the reasons he despises them. The poster's YouTube username included the word "Scott", Beierle's first name.

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Police say that on Friday night Scott Paul Beierle posed as a customer at the yoga studio and then suddenly started shooting people.

"She just radiated love for everybody". "Since then, I've been feeling a little guilt. Beierle advised I should arrest him now". "How was he not monitored somehow?"

Court records show that Beierle was charged by police with battery in 2016 after he slapped and grabbed a woman's buttocks at an apartment complex pool. Beierle then fatally shot himself.

Records from the first two cases were not immediately available, but the clerk's office said the charge in the 2012 case was dropped, and the 2014 case was disposed of via "other pretrial intervention". She was an FSU faculty member.

It's not clear from the court file whether that occurred, and the woman didn't respond to emails seeking comment. Records showed that the charges were eventually dismissed after the 40-year-old followed the conditions of a deferred prosecution agreement.

Meanwhile, yoga teachers in the Florida capital and the country at large were horrified such a violent act could unfold in a place intended for tranquility and nonviolence.

"Mom, he's staring at us", they told her.

"As an instructor when you start every class, you ask students to close their eyes to relax, because you're in such a safe space", said Amanda Morrison, a Tallahassee instructor.

She had also applied for a position with Teach for America, and on her final day was working on a lesson plan and preparing for an interview with the organization.

"I'm already thinking about locking the doors once class starts", she said. Additionally, one of Beierle's YouTube videos reportedly expressed sympathy with Elliot Rodger, who went on a misogynist killing rampage in Isla Vista, Calif., in 2014.

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