Eight-Generation Porsche 911 Will Launch Early 2019 In Europe

2020 Porsche 911 development drives

2020 Porsche 911 development drives

Prior to this, the prototypes' engines get revved up to complete the final stages of a global testing programme which put the new sports cars under a great deal of stress.

You can find out more details about the new 8th generation Porsche 911 over at Porsche at the link below.

The Zuffenhausen-based automaker confirmed the eighth-generation version of the sportscar was scheduled to launch in Europe "at the beginning of 2019".

Porsche says that every component of these cars has to perform as well at the end of testing as they did at the start. The winding and demanding roads in the area of the European Arctic Circle offer optimum conditions for testing a sports vehicle, while endurance runs have seen the new 911 test cars sprinting over China's roads and racing tracks in a traffic structure that is typical for that country, as well as proving that they run reliably on fuels whose qualities vary enormously.

The testing focuses primarily on the chassis and engine, which have been enhanced even further to increase both performance and everyday use. Next, the human-machine interface (HMI) undergoes function and stress tests, including the driver assistance and Porsche Connect systems. The air conditioning and the thermal management system along with combustion behaviour of the new 911 has been put through tests in hot regions such as the Middle East and Death Valley in the US.

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Finland where temperature drops below -35 degree Celsius was chosen as the freezing region to test for cold-start testing, heating traction, handling and braking behaviour as well as the response speed control system (electronics) which are related to the driving dynamics.

Other parts of the world where the mules have been sent to include the winding roads of the European Arctic Circle, endurance runs across China's roads, and race tracks with a traffic structure that is common for that country.

Porsche has tested the 911's limits in all kinds of extreme conditions, including temperatures below 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

The nextgeneration 911 has proved to be the auto of all times.

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