Man wants to legally reduce age to boost dating prospects

69-year-old... sorry 49-year-old Emile Ratelband. Credit CEN

69-year-old... sorry 49-year-old Emile Ratelband. Credit CEN

"If I put on Tinder that I am 69, I will not get a response.[As] 49, with that face of mine, then I'm rammed", he said. If I'm 49, then I can buy a new house, drive a different vehicle.

Doctors had told him his body was that of a 45-year-old man, Ratelband argued.

Ratelband added that he's discriminated against because of his age and that he encounters problems in society on a daily basis.

A Dutch pensioner has started a legal battle to change his age and boost his dating prospects.

Ratelband, who has referred to himself as a "young god", has taken the matter to court in the city of Arnhem and is expected to get a ruling on the case in the next four weeks.

Should you be able to change your age?

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Emile Ratelband has filed a lawsuit against the Dutch government requesting that his date of birth be switched from March 11, 1949, to March 11, 1969.

Mr Ratelband, a media personality and motivational guru, converted to Buddhism earlier this year and is a trainer in neurolinguistic programming.

The judge expressed some skepticism but also noted that changing the sex on a birth certificate, as transgender people have the right to do, once was impossible and is now allowed.

Ratelband said while he was initially greeted by "jeers" from magistrates, he now believes his lawyer -famous criminal lawyer Jan-Hein Kuijpers had "unsettled" the judge. "Why not your age?" he told De Telegraaf outside court.

"For whom did your parents care? Who was that little boy?" he was quoted as saying.

But the court said there would be practical problems in allowing people to change their birth date - as it would mean legally deleting part of their lives. If I'm 49, then I can buy a new house, drive a different vehicle. "Nowhere are you so discriminated against as with your age". I can take up more work. According to the BBC, he voiced the character Vladimir Trunkov in the Dutch-language version of the Pixar film Cars 2-surely that fact alone increases his chances of success on Tinder?

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