Trump’s Pro-Nancy Pelosi Tweet Baffles Twitter: ‘Genuine or Nah?’

Trump’s Pro-Nancy Pelosi Tweet Baffles Twitter: ‘Genuine or Nah?’

Trump’s Pro-Nancy Pelosi Tweet Baffles Twitter: ‘Genuine or Nah?’

For Moscow, the Democratic victory means a probable reopening of the House investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 USA election.

Trump said last month he wanted Congress to cut taxes by about 10 percent for middle-income people after the midterm elections, though he has yet to offer specifics.

Trump said that if the Democrats plan to "waste Taxpayer Money investigating us at the House level", then Republicans "will likewise be forced to consider investigating them for all of the leaks of Classified Information, and much else, at the Senate level". "Two can play that game!" Early Wednesday, Trump added: "Now we can all get back to work and get things done!"

With the loss of the Republican majority in the House, President Donald Trump is facing the prospect of endless House investigations and fresh questions about the resilience of his unorthodox political coalition. He was quick to distance himself from losing GOP House members who had been critical of his heated rhetoric, citing Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo and Colorado Rep. Mike Coffman, among others. "Those that did not, say goodbye!" he wrote on Twitter on Wednesday. "Yesterday was such a very Big Win, and all under the pressure of a Nasty and Hostile Media!" the president also tweeted.

While Trump retains broad power over national security and US foreign policy, the midterm election result exposes him to congressional investigations that could reverberate beyond American borders.

"In all fairness, Nancy Pelosi deserves to be chosen Speaker of the House by the Democrats. She has earned this great honor!" But White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders minimized the magnitude of Democratic gains.

With Democrats seizing control of the House, Republicans for the first time in the Trump era will no longer hold sway in all branches of the federal government. Trump has faced a plethora of scandals so far with relatively pliant Republican majorities in both chambers, but things will change with Democrats in control of the House.

While many races are still too close to call, the blue wave Democrats had hoped for failed to materialize. Nevada now has two female senators after Democrat Jacky Rosen defeated incumbent Republican Dean Heller. Claire McCaskill in Missouri and Republican Attorney General Mike DeWine defeating Democrat Richard Cordray in the race for OH governor. And only twice in the past eight decades has the president's party picked up House seats in the midterms.

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Fuelled by a steady diet of chocolate, she crisscrossed 30 cities in a 31-day rush aimed at boosting Democratic candidates.

So although areas that backed Trump "bigly", to use his own term, in the presidential election generally did so again this year, an anti-Republican backlash was seen in prosperous urban districts populated by college-educated professionals.

But at least the Dems had something to crow about after the midterm elections: a bunch of new seats in the state House.

The California Democrat does not think Americans fully understand the significance of the speaker's job, which, after the vice president, is next in line to the White House.

Only one of the polls factored into Real Clear Politics' average gave DeSantis an advantage: Republican polling firm Trafalgar Group polled 1,484 likely voters during the final two days before the election and found DeSantis with a 3-point lead. But the president received negative marks from voters on temperament and trustworthiness.

The others are Elijah Cummings at the House Oversight Committee; Adam Schiff of the Intelligence Committee, derided by Trump as "sleazy;" and Maxine Waters at the Financial Services Committee, who Trump has said has "extraordinarily low IQ".

Trump's scorched-earth campaigning came to define the 2018 campaign.

Returning to his immigration-heavy 2016 playbook, Trump went on to unleash his full fury on a caravan of migrants slowly making their way to the southern border. This after Pelosi's party took back the majority of seats in that body, while GOP deepened its hold on the Senate, in a midterm elections that had everyone declaring victory this morning.

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