Palm Beach, Broward judges side with Scott

FL-Sen Rick Scott wins his election flipping a US Senate seat for the GOP

FL-Sen Rick Scott wins his election flipping a US Senate seat for the GOP

In Palm Beach County, where Nelson received 58.4 percent of the votes, the canvassing board was still counting vote-by-mail ballots.

They are seeking an emergency hearing as the votes must be certified by noon Saturday.

The tight races underscored Florida's status as a perennial swing state where elections are often decided by the thinnest of margins. While the other 65 counties in Florida had no problem following this state law, the supervisors of Broward County and Palm Beach County refused to follow that law.

Florida Governor and Senate elect Rick Scott (left) unleashed lawsuits against Broward County and Palm Beach County while accusing Democrats of trying to steal the election.

In the race for governor, DeSantis was leading by 0.47 percentage points. Gillum, who had conceded Tuesday night before DeSantis' margin narrowed, now says his campaign is preparing for a recount.

Governor Rick Scott, who on Tuesday night declared victory over Nelson, was suddenly a mere 15,000 votes ahead and heading for a hand recount.

Elias said he expects the margin between Scott and Nelson to stand at about 5,000 votes -- out of at least 8.15 million votes cast statewide -- by Saturday's mid-day deadline.

Gaetz called in to Fox News's Outnumbered Overtime Friday and didn't mince words - pronouncing Broward County a "banana republic" where 80,000 ballots were "spoken into existence".

If Ms Abrams tightens the margin and neither candidate gets 50% of the vote, Georgia law will require a runoff election in December.

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The National Republican Senatorial Committee also joined Scott on Thursday to file suit against both Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes and Palm Beach Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher. They are comprised of the county Supervisor of Elections, a circuit court judge and the Chair of the County Commission.

"If you look at Broward County, they have had a frightful history", Trump added, referring to a Democrat-heavy county where officials were slowly counting votes including absentee and provisional ballots.

DeSantis and Scott were initially believed to be the winners of their respective races.

Elias said it was "not appropriate" for a governor to suggest he was going to "interject his law enforcement authority to prevent the counting of ballots that have been legally cast".

"Every day since the election the leftwing activists in Broward county have been coming up with more and more ballots out of nowhere", Scott said in his press conference. Kemp leads Abrams with 50.3% of the vote and has claimed victory, but Abrams, who would be the first female black governor in the U.S., has yet to concede, saying that some votes have not yet been counted.

The state's recount procedures have been revised since Florida held the country hostage for a month 18 years ago, when George W. Bush edged Al Gore for the presidency.

Gillum's campaign said it's monitoring the situation with an elections lawyer and readying for a possible state-mandated recount.

The campaign has questioned a number of aspects of the state's election administration, which Kemp oversaw until yesterday, including the fact that hundreds of votes came in from absentee ballots in Cobb County, according to the AP, after Kemp's office said all absentee ballots had already been counted.

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