Rauners Get Their Flu Shots; Encourage Others to Do the Same

Last year's flu season resulted in a record 101 flu death's in Idaho.

Like millions of other Americans, JoJo O'Neal chose not to get the flu vaccine a year ago. "It's not too late to protect yourself, and your family, by getting your flu shot".

How do I know if I have flu?

She also passed on the flu to her sister, who has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). To provide flu protection, it works in your nose, cells and bloodstream, he says.

The department said in a news release Friday morning that the flu season a year ago "was particularly deadly, resulting in a record 101 influenza-related deaths in Idaho".

Sabra Klein, PhD, an associate professor of molecular microbiology and immunology at Hopkins' Bloomberg School of Public Health who is leading the research effort, helped conduct studies that found females tend to develop significantly higher immune responses to the vaccine than males.

FRIDAY, Nov. 9, 2018 (American Heart Association) - Getting the flu may not only make you feel crummy, it also might land you in the hospital for heart problems.

As well, doctors and health care professionals are able to provide the flu shot for families and babies six months of age and up.

Flu season has returned as the fall transitions into winter. Thousands more Oklahomans were hospitalized with the virus.

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The CDC estimates 80 percent of child deaths occurred among unvaccinated children.

Millions of people have these conditions, including an estimated 2.7 percent of adults with compromised immune systems due to HIV, treatment for autoimmune diseases, and using immune-suppressing medications after organ transplant. "But it's still given because some people are afraid of needles and they have that option but we highly don't recommend it", said Michelle, Licensed Vocational Nurse at Kaiser Permanente Martinez Medical Center. "We've already had the death of a young child this year".

A child died in Florida during the first week of October.

Many misconceptions about the flu vaccine linger.

Ott says influenza is very contagious and can spread quickly and easily, one can pass on the flu to others 48 hours before experiencing symptoms.

"You may have a few days after you get your flu shot where you perhaps aren't feeling 100 percent", Han said. "But it's really nothing compared to the severity of illness that can occur with influenza". Every flu season, there are predominant strains of the virus, so medical experts predict which strains will be most active, and they formulate the vaccines in response. There are several different types of flu vaccine available. VaccineFinder.org offers a searchable database of vaccination locations. "The single best way to improve influenza-related outcomes is to vaccinate people".

And think of those around you.

"I usually do the flu shot", Dr. Bhargava says.

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