Niantic: Pokemon GO Trainer Battles 'Coming Soon', CP-Limited Battle Leagues Revealed

Pokémon Go  NianticNiantic shared this image of a ‘Pokémon Go’ trainer battle on Twitter

Pokémon Go NianticNiantic shared this image of a ‘Pokémon Go’ trainer battle on Twitter

While players could place their Pokemon in Gyms where other players could battle them to take over the Gym, many felt that this was just not a suitable replacement for the PvP battle system present in Nintendo's main Pokemon RPG series.

One of the major draws of Pokemon is the ability to pit your team against someone else's.

Player-versus-player battles (better known as PvP), a feature originally teased when Pokemon Go was announced in 2015, appears to be coming to the game in the near future, as spotted by TechCrunch.

In August we knew that Trainer Battles were indeed coming to Pokémon GO, and now that we are very close to the year's end it looks like Niantic is ramping up to the release with a few teaser images on Twitter.

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The announcement came alongside a screenshot of how battles will look in game. The Great league has a CP cap of 1,500 for each Pokemon, Ultra has one of 2,500, and Master has no limit.

After years of waiting, trainers will soon be able to put their Pokemon to the test in player vs. player battles in Pokemon Go.

"When designing Trainer Battles, we wanted to create an experience that everyone can enjoy and ensure that different kinds of Pokémon can show their strengths", Niantic wrote. Niantic has addressed the first two issues in the months since launch, but it was still unclear when player vs. player battles would be added to the game.

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