English couple thanks NYPD for finding lost ring

Credit NYPD News  Twitter

Credit NYPD News Twitter

A man was proposing to his girlfriend when he dropped the ring and it fell about 8 feet (2.4 meters) down a utility grate.

They posted the video on their Twitter page and asked people to recognize the couple if they could, because the couple had not filed any request with the police. "WANTED", it said. "He was so excited that he dropped the ring in a grate".

The NYPD had been looking for them since Saturday, after getting the ring out of the grate.

The couple will now liaise with the NYPD to get the ring safely returned to their home in Peterborough.

A separate tweet by the NYPD shows a close up of the ring, which has what appears to be a diamond set in its centre with smaller jewels on its band, possibly made of silver.

The couple called emergency services, who eventually found it.

Good news came earlier today, with reports the couple had been located.

"We would like to thank everyone who shared this story!" the NYPD wrote on Twitter.

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The force followed up with a picture of the happy couple holding a celebratory drink, with the words: "Thank you, Twitter".

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The BBC has spoken to the couple who had flown to NY to celebrate their 10 year dating anniversary.

John, Daniella, and the NYPD.

If you get engaged in Times Square, try not to stand too close to a grate.

However, the husband-to-be insisted his fiancée wear the jewellery, which unfortunately fell down the drain as they were walking back to their hotel. "Bouncing once... bouncing twice and then it was gone".

Drennan told the newspaper that they had planned to keep the lost ring a secret, but a friend forwarded him the police Twitter message. "We just can not believe it".

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