Usman Khawaja's Brother Arrested Over Alleged 'Terror Hit List'

Arsalan Khawaja with his brother cricket star Usman Khawaja.            

Arsalan Khawaja with his brother cricket star Usman Khawaja. S

Tuesday's police operation stemmed from the discovery in an office at the University of New South Wales of a laptop which contained an alleged hit-list naming former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and his deputy Julie Bishop.

SBS reported that New South Wales Police arrested the man at Parramatta, Western Sydney this morning.

Police made the arrest of Khawaja in relation to the alleged attempt to pervert justice and forgery of documents.

His arrest follows an investigation into an allegedly fake list of terror targets found in a notebook that was used as evidence to charge Sri Lankan-born PhD student Mohamed Kamer Nizamdeen with a terror offence.

But the case fell apart when handwriting experts were unable to link the writing in the notebook to Nizamdeen, and in October the charges were dropped.

Usman Khawaja comments on brother's arrest for an allegedly forged terror hit list.

The 39-year-old has been charged with one count of attempting to pervert justice and one count of forgery - making a false document.

Willing added that "In relation to the charging and the subsequent dropping of the charge against the Sri Lankan citizen, we have offered, and have paid his court costs".

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He said acting early to prevent a potential terrorist threat was critical.

According to the Herald, Mr Nizamdeen is now suing police over his arrest, claiming the authorities were "immature" and "unprofessional" in the way they treated him.

The Australian Broadcasting Corp. reported police were not alleging Arsalan meant to carry out terrorist attacks but that he tampered with the laptop to frame a colleague, 25-year-old PhD student Mohamed Nizamdeen.

"We regret the circumstances which led to him being charged and the time he subsequently spent in custody".

Usman Khawaja is expected to line up for Australia in the first Test against India, starting in Adelaide on Thursday.

"This is a matter for the police to deal with", he told reporters.

"I just ask for you to please respect my privacy and my family's privacy at this time".

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