Apple's official iPhone XR Clear Case is finally here

Apple's official iPhone XR Clear Case is finally here

Apple's official iPhone XR Clear Case is finally here

Between the original news that more consumers might actually be purchasing its year-old iPhone 8 Plus (in lieu of brand-new offerings like the iPhone XR), to more recent revelations that Apple moved to cancel millions of its previously-placed iPhone XR orders - there's more mounting evidence now than ever before hinting that's the case.

Apple has announced an offer for the iPhone XR, under which customers can purchase the latest "affordable" smartphone at a reduced price of $449, provided they trade-in an iPhone 7 Plus towards the purchase.

Mention must be made that all the latest models like iPhone XS, XS Max and XR are not eligible for $29 replacement batteries.

Ultimately, as Bloomberg points out, these are just the latest indications from Apple that its 2018 iPhone models aren't selling as effortlessly as we've witnessed in the wake of previous iPhone launches.

Apple is pulling out all the stops as it scrambles to prop up sputtering sales of its new iPhone XR.

Apple's official iPhone XR Clear Case is finally here

A new report details the emergency response within Apple when it became clear that its new iPhones were not selling as well as expected.

The discounting follows weeks of reports of Apple suppliers slashing sales forecasts.

Analysts at HSBC told investors in a note this week that Apple was "now facing the reality of market saturation" and warned that iPhone unit growth was over for now. Apple says its cheaper iPhone XR has been the best-selling iPhone since its launch. (*See the company's website for more details on this limited-time offer).

Apple switched up release strategies a bit in 2018 with the two high end $1,000+ models released initially, followed by one priced $250 to $350 less. It has grown on me over the month and I've been buying accessories to support its use over the long term. As you'd expect, wireless charging will work through it without a hitch.

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